Bold, brave, beautiful, brilliant!

De la cover la ultimul acord – S U P E R B !

Benjamin Clementine – At Least For Now
Release Date: January 2015
Label: Behind Records

1. Winston Churchill’s Boy (5:37)
2. Then I Heard a Bachelor’s Cry (5:08)
3. London (4:01)
4. Adios (4:17)
5. St-Clementine-On-Tea-and-Croissants (1:12)
6. Nemesis (5:04)
7. The People and I (5:16)
8. Condolence (6:30)
9. Cornerstone (4:31)
10. Quiver a little (4:42)
11. Gone (4:32)

Benjamin Clementine - At Least For Now


Benjamin Clementine’s tumultuous back story (a strict Christian childhood in London, a spell living rough in Paris and busking on the Métro, and then a return to the UK) has given him plenty of fascinating source material from which to craft his songs. His resulting debut album is by turns bold, brave, beautiful and at times quite brilliant. Clementine cites Antony Hegarty as a formative influence, and certainly there are vocal similarities. But for the most part these piano-led songs sound unique, the lonely despair of Cornerstone and the arresting lyricism of Condolence signalling an exciting new talent. (theguardian)