Music teaches us …

Citesc o carte excepțională! Autorul ei este pianistul și dirijorul Daniel Barenboim, unul dintre cei mai mari muzicieni contemporani.

Daniel Barenboim – Music Quickens Time
Published by Verso Books 2008; 184 pages
ISBN: 978-1-84467-470-1



Iată doar două mici citate, apoi cuprinsul, ca să vă fac curioși și dornici de lectură.

The beginning of a concert is more privileged than the beginning of a book. One could say that sound itself is more privileged than words. A book is full of the same words that are used every day, day after day, to explain, describe, demand, argue, beg, enthuse, tell the truth and lie. Our thoughts take shape in words; therefore, the words on the page must compete with the words in our minds. Music has a much larger world of associations at its disposal precisely because of its ambivalent nature; it is both inside and outside the world.

The power of music lies in its ability to speak to all aspects of the human being – the animal, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. How often we think that personal, social and political issues are independent, without influencing each other. From music we learn that this is an objective impossibility; there simply are no independent elements. Logical thought and intuitive emotions must be permanently united. Music teaches us, in short, that everything is connected.

1. Sound and Thought
2. Listening and Hearing
3. Freedom of Thought and Interpretation
4. The Orchestra
5. A Tale of Two Palestinians
6. Finale
1. I Have a Dream
2. On Schumann
3. Remembering Edward Said
4. I Was Reared on Bach
5. On Wilhelm Furtwängler
6. On Pierre Boulez
7. On Don Giovanni
8. On the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
9. On Mozart
10. On Dual Citizenship