The Robin Hood of Wisdom

GO to your nearest public library.
What does knowledge taste like ? The unsalted white of an egg.
It asks for the garnish of betrayal.
PREPARE yourself.
Before setting off.
Select a passage from a book that is dear to you.
Write, or print it. With elegance, flair and affection on a quality piece of paper.
The question remains: how to share that fullness of hunger that foreboding that foresight.
SELECT a book, at random, from the library’s shelves.
(Make sure that it is about something completely unrelated to the contents of the passage you have selected)
INSERT the paper bearing your selected passage, between the pages of this book.
REPLACE the book in its place on the shelf, carefully.
REPEAT the procedure as often as possible.
INFECT knowledge with wisdom.

[text publicat în Art Review, Issue 60, Summer 2012, pp. 103-104]

foto: ignus



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